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Club Jordy Denver Colorado DJ


Let's take your event to the next level. 

We bring the party. At Club Jordy we specialize in private & public events, parties and venue entertainment. As a local, Denver- based DJ, we have experience entertaining for clients all over the state of Colorado. Let's bring your event to life with music that fits just right. 

Events & Parties


Best DJ in Denver Colorado

Sometimes music goes a long way to add to an event or meeting. Club Jordy specializes in DJ services for corporate events in Denver and throughout Colorado. 

Corporate Events 


Looking for just the right blend of songs? Club Jordy can help with custom mix development. Let us piece together the perfect mix of music to help create a truly special event. 

Custom Mixes 


Jordy Mix series

Club Jordy Denver Colorado DJ

At Club Jordy, we tailor music mixes to meet your specific event needs and style preferences. With a knack for creating diverse playlists, we strive to bring a dynamic and personalized approach to your celebrations. When choosing a DJ in Denver, Colorado, pick Club Jordy for  versatility and the ability to adapt to the unique atmosphere you desire. 

Our goal is to work with you to create unique mixes that are the perfect fit for your event. This Latin mix is a perfect example. We were tasked of creating an upbeat soundtrack for our client's event in Denver that brought together a wide variety of hits within this genere.

Latina Heat MixClub Jordy
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Let's talk about your event. 

about us

Welcome to Club Jordy, your premier destination for exceptional DJ services in Denver, Colorado and beyond. At Club Jordy, we are passionate about creating unforgettable musical experiences, transforming any event into a celebration to remember. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a party, our team specializes in curating the perfect soundtrack to set the mood and elevate the atmosphere. With years of experience in Denver's vibrant nightlife and event scene, we bring a unique blend of talent, technology, and creativity to every occasion, ensuring your guests dance the night away. Get ready to ignite the party and immerse yourself in an event to remember with Club Jordy, your choice for the ultimate DJ experience in Denver, Colorado. 

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